FAA4.K Expenses and Need Standard (EXNS EXPC) : 02 Expenses and Need Standard - Overview
02 Expenses and Need Standard - Overview
(10/01/11 - 12/31/11)
All programs are allowed certain deductions from income when determining benefit levels and eligibility. The deductible expenses must be verified.
AZTECS calculates the maximum allowable deductions based on expenses keyed on EXNS as follows:
Child Support Expenses are considered for NA only.
Dependent Care Expenses and Incapacitated Adult Care Expenses are considered for ALL programs.
Medical Expenses are considered for NA ONLY. (See NA Medical Expenses)
Shelter expenses and utility expenses are considered as follows:
For CA, the need standard is based on an obligation to pay shelter costs.
For NA, the budgetary unit is allowed either of the following:
Use EXPC to convert expenses billed more often than monthly to a monthly amount.
Policy and procedures regarding expenses are outlined as follows: