FAA4.H Unearned Income (UNIN UNIC) : 03 Types of Unearned Income - Overview : TT Social Security Administration (SSA) Benefits
TT Social Security Administration (SSA) Benefits
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
SSA benefits include: Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (RSDI) payments. These payments can be received by any of the following:
Entitled wage earners
Dependent children of the entitled wage earner
A child may be receiving SSA benefits as a result of a parent's or stepparent's death, retirement, or disability. Siblings may also be receiving SSA benefits. Inquire further when this information does not display on ININ.
Surviving spouse(g) of an entitled wage earner
When ININ displays a dual or triple entitlement, multiple benefits are calculated and combined into one payment. The total payment will not exceed the highest single benefit amount.
Count the gross amount of the SSA benefits rounded down to the nearest whole dollar.
NOTE Do not deduct the Medicare Premium from the gross amount of the SSA benefits.
When there is a discrepancy in the amount shown in the verification compared to what is stated by the participant, verify the SSA amount through an interface with one of the following:
HEAplus State Online Query Internet (SOLQI) Response Data Summary
See the SOLQI Desk Reference Guide located in the FAA Policy Support SharePoint Site Doc Library for guidance
Wire Third Party Query Information (WTPI), see WTPI for procedures
SSA benefits may be reduced to collect an SSI or SSA overpayment. Do not add in the recoupment amount when determining the countable SSA benefit amount. Key the net monthly amount on UNIN.
Count SSA benefits paid to a representative payee on behalf of a participant when one of the following occur:
The payee lives with the budgetary unit
The payee lives outside the home and makes the income available for the support of the participant (See Example Representative Payee)
NOTE The SSA benefits do not need to be given directly to the budgetary unit by the payee but must be used to provide for the needs of the participant, to be considered countable.
When an organization withholds a fee to act as a representative payee for an SSDI participant, deduct the monthly fee from the gross income. The amount of the fee is not countable.
The participant may receive both SSI and SSA. Count only the portion of the SSA income that is designated for a spouse or dependent toward the CA budgetary unit.
Key unearned income on UNIC using the Unearned Income Code that applies to the Unearned Income Type. (See Display Table Values – Overview to access a list of current codes.)