.19 Unemployment Insurance (UI)
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
See the Urgent Bulletin emailed 04/13/2020 regarding Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) and Tax Credit Stimulus Payments and the Urgent Bulletin emailed 05/12/2020 regarding Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).
Unemployment insurance (UI) is an insurance benefit that may be paid to people when they have lost their jobs and meet other eligibility criteria. State governments pay unemployment insurance from a fund of unemployment taxes collected from employers.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the following additional unemployment benefits are available:
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)
Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC)
A participant may receive either regular UI or PUA income. In addition to the regular UI or PUA, a participant may also receive the FPUC.
For NA, payments for UI, FPUC, and PUA are countable as unearned income.
For CA, payments for UI, FPUC, and PUA are not countable effective 04/13/2020.
For Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA), payments for UI, FPUC, and PUA are countable effective 04/13/2020.
Key one or more of the following Unearned Income Codes in the INC TYPE field on UNIC for:
Regular UI:
For NA and CA, key the UI Unearned Income Code
For RCA, key the UI OT Unearned Income Code
For NA and CA, key the UI PU Unearned Income Code
For RCA, key the UI OT Unearned Income Code
For NA and CA, key the UI FP Unearned Income Code
For RCA, key the UI OT Unearned Income Code
NOTE Key each UI type individually on UNIN and document clearly.
Consider the UI benefits available to the participant on the second workday(g) following the date benefits are issued. Use HOSC to identify the date benefits are issued.
When the customer states they have recently moved to Arizona investigate the possibility of out of state UI benefits.
When possible receipt of UI benefits from California is indicated, request verification from the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD). Mail an Authority To Release Information (FAA-1765A) form signed by the participant, along with a stamped, self-addressed return envelope to the California EDD Address.
When a low balance shows for the customer’s UI benefits, only budget the actual amount of benefits that are remaining. When the benefits run out after the current system month (CSM) and prior to the end of the current approval period complete the following:
Set a free form ACTS alert for the month prior to the month benefits are ending.
Indicate that UI benefits are ending.
Do not budget future UI benefits when either of the following occur:
When any of the following Pay Type Codes display in the PAY TYPE field on HOSC:
03 - Ineligible due to military waiting period
07 - Disqualified
10 - Waiting Week
12 - Pending unresolved issue
15 - Benefits exhausted
16 - Final pay
17 - Monetarily ineligible
28 - Claimant declines due to employment
NOTE When Pay Type Code 28 is used there is a possibility the customer may have new employment.
At the time of benefit approval there is no date in the ISSUE DATE field on HOSC.