FAA4.H Unearned Income (UNIN UNIC) : 02 Unearned Income - Overview
02 Unearned Income - Overview
(01/01/18 - 12/31/18)
Unearned income is income received from sources other than any of the following:
When determining eligibility for new applications, verify all gross income received from any source prior to approval.
Income verification must be requested for NA when income is reported on a renewal application, change report, or data match and any of the following apply:
The source of the income has changed
The income is questionable or unclear
The reported income amount has changed by $51 or more
The previous verification in the case file is more than 59 days old
The source of the unearned income determines whether the income is countable or not countable.
Policy and procedures regarding budgeting unearned income are outlined as follows:
Budget all other unearned income according to its specific type. See Unearned Income Type.
Unearned income retained by a participant for a nonparticipant. See Third Party Beneficiary Payments
Key unearned income on UNIC using the Unearned Income Code that applies to the Unearned Income Type.
NOTE Key all unearned income, even when the unearned income is not countable.
See treatment of unearned income changes for policies and procedures.