FAA4.D Other Assets (OTAS) : 03 Other Asset Types : K Real Property : .06 Real Property – CA Six Month Exclusion
.06 Real Property – CA Six Month Exclusion
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Real property that the participant is making a good faith effort to sell is not countable for a period of six-months. The six-month period begins with the first benefit month in which both of the following apply:
All eligibility conditions are met
CA benefits are authorized
The participant must repay the CA up to the amount of net proceeds received from the sale of the property.
The participant is not required to repay any benefits when the total of the following is less than the CA resource limit:
The net proceeds from the sale of the property
All other resources at the beginning of the six-month exclusion period
Prior to CA approval, the property owner must sign an agreement to sell the property and repay the CA benefits received when the property is sold.
Grant Diversion participants are not required to sign an agreement.
The following must be completed prior to CA approval:
The PI or Representative must provide a copy of the deed to the property.
The property owner must complete and sign the Agreement to Establish Lien (FAA-1712A) form.
When a copy of the deed is provided and the FAA-1712A is completed, the FAA worker completes the following:
Uploads the documents to OnBase(g).
Sends the completed FAA-1712A, together with a copy of the deed, to the Policy Support Team (PST) via email, requesting confirmation of the recorded lien from the County Recorder.
The PST staff completes the following:
Forwards the FAA-1712A, together with a copy of the deed, to the Office of the Attorney General for review and approval.
NOTE The Attorney General's office returns the approved FAA-1712A to the PST.
Submits the approved FAA-1712A to the appropriate County Recorder Office.
Submits the recorded FAA-1712A to the FAA office when received from the County Recorder.
When the recorded FAA-1712A is received from the PST, FAA staff uploads the document to OnBase and completes the CA determination.