Withholding Benefits
(12/01/13 – 01/31/14)
Take action to withhold the benefits within ten calendar days of the date the local office becomes aware that a participant has failed to comply with the following PRA requirements:
FAA does not take action to withhold benefits when participants fail to comply with Jobs requirements. (See TPEP Jobs Noncompliance)
Withhold the benefit for one pay cycle when the participant does not comply with any of the TPEP PRA Requirements.
The FAA worker places a hold on the benefit for the pay period that corresponds with the noncompliance period, allowing for NOAA. Key H in the corresponding benefit issuance field on AFPD for the correct benefit month.
When the noncompliant participant verifies, they have recompiled throughout the next pay cycle, release the TPEP benefit for the corresponding pay cycle. Key S in the benefit issuance field on AFPD. Send the A510 notice to the PI.
The FAA worker is responsible for counting the number of benefits that have been withheld in the past six months as follows:
When withholding the benefit for the first pay cycle in the month, place the second on hold as well.
When the participant has not verified compliance throughout the next cycle, continue to withhold the benefits. (See Example TPEP Withhold Benefit)
This is the third benefit withheld, close the TPEP case the first month possible, allowing for NOAA. Send the TPEP Benefits Withheld/Denied/Closed (A446) notice.
(See Example TPEP Withhold Benefit)