VQ/RWE or Refusal of Job Offer Disqualification
When it is reported that a participant refused a job offer, voluntarily quit a job or reduced work hours, determine the following:
Whether the participant was the CA PI, NA Lead Participant, or the TPEP Primary Wage Earner. (See VQ/RWE)
When the VQ/RWE occurred. (See Date of VQ/RWE)
The number of hours worked. (See VQ/RWE Requirements)
The amount of the weekly salary prior to the job quit.
Whether there was good cause. (See VQ/RWE Good Cause)
The actions to disqualify the participant, deny the application, or to close the case depend on the following factors:
Whether the participant is an applicant or currently receiving benefits.
Whether or not the participant is or was the NA LP, the CA PI, or the TPEP PWE.
Policy and procedures regarding VQ/RWE Disqualification are outlined as follows: