VQ/RWE/Refusal of Job Offer Participant Disqualifications
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
For NA, when the participant who voluntarily quit, reduced their work effort, or refused a job offer is not the NA Lead Participant, disqualify the participant. Complete the following:
Key DE in the FS PT field next to the participant's name on SEPA. Key QJ in the FS INELIG RSN field.
Key Y in the appropriate program column in the DISA WKSN AF/FS/MA field, and press ENTER to access DISA. When Y is keyed in the CONTINUE NEXT SCREEN field, press ENTER. DISA (PAGE 2) displays. Key the following on DISA (PAGE 2):
The number (01, 02, 03) of the disqualification in the VQ NBR field.
The first month of the disqualification period in the VQ START DT field.
The number of months (1, 3, 6) in the DISQ PERIOD (IN MONTHS) field.
Thoroughly document the reason for the action in the documentation section.
Press ENTER to access PRAP. Key VQ on PRAP next to the participant's name.
Set an ACTS alert to add the participant back to the benefit at the end of the disqualification period.
Send a notice to inform the PI of the disqualification period. (See VQ/RWE Disqualification Notices)
For CA, when the participant who voluntarily quits, reduces their work effort or refuses a job offer is not the PI, the budgetary unit is sanctioned. (See VQ PRA Sanction)