FAA3.A Specified (Caretaker) Relative and Deprivation (SPRD) : 06 Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) - Overview
Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) - Overview
(01/01/12 - 03/31/12)
The Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) is a time-limited CA employment program. TPEP provides CA benefits to needy children deprived of parental support due to the unemployment or underemployment of the Primary Wage Earning Parent. (See Primary Wage Earner)
NOTE All CA applicants that are eligible for at least $1 and identified as TPEP budgetary units must be processed as potentially eligible for Grant Diversion.
Apply TPEP eligibility factors before any other CA eligibility criteria when all of the following apply:
Both parents are in the home, neither parent has a disability, and the parents have a child in common.
NOTE When the parents are not married, paternity must be established. (See Establishing Paternity)
Both parents meet the United States Citizen or Qualified Noncitizen requirements.
The primary wage earning parent (PWE) is unemployed or underemployed.
NOTE Nonqualified Noncitizen parents are not considered work eligible and cannot participate in Jobs. The household is therefore not TPEP eligible.
TPEP policy and procedures are outlined as follows: