TPEP Work Program Requirements
Participation in work program activities is required before receiving a TPEP benefit. Participation is waived when both parents are exempt or are referred to Tribal NEW.
Participants coded DI on SEPA due to citizenship are not eligible to participate in the Jobs Program.
When one or both parents must participate, the following apply:
The PWE or the other parent is required to participate 40 hours per week.
Unless the other parent is exempt, the other parent is required to participate approximately 20 hours per week. (See TPEP Work Program Exemption)
Refer one or both parents, unless exempt, to the work program provider when they are determined otherwise eligible for TPEP. (See CA Jobs Mandatory Referrals)
When both parents are exempt from work program participation, send the TPEP Approval - Participation Exempt (A142) notice. Participation before payment is not required. (See TPEP Payments)
Policy and procedures regarding TPEP work program requirements are outlined as follows: