TPEP Work Program Provider Duties
The Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) work program provider completes the following:
When possible, on the same day the participant attends, begins the assessment and orientation, and sends a referral to the DES Child Care program. The participant is required to begin their work program assignment the next workday(g).
The participant must participate in TPEP assignments for three days. After three days of participation, including the day of assessment, FAA is notified of compliance. Notification of participation is made by updating the Jobs system.
AZTECS is updated by an interface with the Jobs system. AZTECS completes the following:
Releases the semi-monthly payments that are on hold. These payments were conditionally approved by the FAA worker, and put on hold with the H1 and H2 Issuance Codes on AFPD.
Indicates the participants' initial employment status on WORW.