TPEP Work Program Initial Compliance
(01/01/18 – 12/31/18)
Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) work program compliance notification is updated in AZTECS through an interface with the Jobs Automated System (JAS). Review AFBH to ensure CA benefits are issued. The issuance indicators on AFBH display S1 and S2 to show that the participants have complied with work program requirements, and the benefits have been released.
When FAA does not receive notification of TPEP compliance by the tenth calendar day due date and AFBH displays the H1 and H2 issuance indicators, call the appropriate Work Program Provider office.
When the Work Program Provider office confirms that the participant has not begun participation, complete the following:
When multiple unpaid CA benefit months exist, delete the additional months.
Deny the case in the application month using the JP Denial or Closure Reason Code.
Send the appropriate TPEP CA denial or closure notice.
Delete unissued TPEP payments displaying as income on UNIN.
Reauthorize NA benefits, when appropriate.