TPEP Referral Process
(01/01/23 – 01/31/23)
Start the Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) referral process by completing the following:
Key the following AZTECS screens:
Key P next to the Primary Wage Earner (PWE) and key U next to the other parent in the AA field on SSDO.
Key UP in the DEPRIVE CAUSE field on SPRD for children with both parents in the home. Use the appropriate Deprivation Codes for children without both parents in the home.
Key the appropriate Jobs Program Referral or Exemption Reason Code in the PAR//EXEMPT field on WORW in AZTECS.
Ensure the H1 and H2 issuance Status Codes display in the ISSUANCE TYPE field on AFPD to place the TPEP benefits in a hold status and pre-approve the payments. Inform participants that their benefits are released when they complete the Jobs work program requirements.
Send the TPEP Pre-Approval (A140) notice when one or both parents must contact the work program provider's office. The contact information for Jobs is included in the A140 notice. FAA staff must not contact Jobs to release TPEP benefits. Once the participant complies, the Jobs staff releases the benefits.
Send the Change in Case Status CA to TPEP (A749) notice when the CA case is being converted to TPEP.
When completing a TPEP pre-approval for a refugee budgetary unit, email a duplicate copy of the A140 or A749 notice to the appropriate VOLAG or RA Office.
When possible, attempt to contact the participant to advise them of the pre-approval status of the application.