TPEP Payments
(04/01/12 - 06/30/12)
TPEP payments are issued semi-monthly. The first month's payments may be paid closer together than semi-monthly. Each semi-monthly payment is one half of the total monthly benefit amount. TPEP payments are available on the 1st and the 15th calendar day of each month.
Each semi-monthly payment is paid in a separate benefit through Arizona Technical Eligibility Computer System (AZTECS). Authorize the benefits for the entire month. The amount authorized is divided by AZTECS into two equal payments. The two benefits are displayed on AFPD. All of the following apply:
When a $.50 difference exists, the smaller amount is issued in the first semimonthly payment.
Authorize and issue a supplement, when it is due, immediately after the initial benefit is released.
The issuance Status Codes H1 and H2 display on AFPD in the BEN ISSUANCE field. This represents a hold on the initial payments. A hold reminder reason of UP automatically displays in the HOLD REASON field.
The Jobs Program provider must determine that the parents have met the three-day initial work program requirements. Once the requirements are met, the work program provider keys a Compliance Code into the Jobs system. This code releases the hold on benefits once the interface updates AZTECS.
The first payments are issued immediately, and the following payments issue on their TPEP pay dates.
Future issuances are generated by AZTECS. After application approval AZTECS automatically copies details into future months. Benefits are generated automatically unless the worker intervenes. All of the following apply:
Issuance status codes of S1 and S2 are paid automatically.
Key S1 and S2 in the BEN ISSUANCE field on AFPD to authorize benefits for work participation exempt participants.
When ten days have passed since the preapproval notice was sent and benefits have not been released by the Jobs Program staff, deny the Cash Assistance application.
For Tribal Native Employment Works (NEW) participants, there is no requirement for work participation to occur before receiving benefits. Complete all of the following:
Refer the enrolled tribal participant to the Tribal NEW office once eligibility is determined. Issue benefits at the same time.
Key S1 and S2 in the BEN ISSUANCE field on AFPD when authorizing the benefits.