TPEP Jobs Noncompliance
(01/01/22/22 – 01/31/22)
The Jobs Program staff determines when benefits are withheld for noncompliance with the Jobs Program. Jobs Program staff complete all of the following actions:
Key H1 and H2 on AFPD for the appropriate month allowing for Notice of Adverse Action (NOAA).
Send the participant the TPEP Benefits Withheld/Denied/Closed (A446) notice. The notice includes all of the following:
The reason the benefit is being withheld.
The phone number to call in order to obtain additional information.
A statement that benefits are withheld until the noncompliant participant completes the Jobs Program required activities.
Notice of the participant’s Appeal Rights. (See TPEP Appeal)
Notification that TPEP Cash Assistance will be closed without further notice when a total of three TPEP benefits are withheld in any six-month period.
When the third benefit is withheld due to failure to comply with a Jobs Program requirement, Jobs Program staff notifies FAA through an interface with the Jobs Automated System (JAS) to close the case for the first month possible.
FAA Staff completes the following:
When multiple unpaid CA benefit months exist, delete the additional months.
Deny the case in the application month using the JP Denial Closure Reason Code.
Send the appropriate TPEP CA denial or closure notice.
Delete unissued TPEP payments displaying as income on UNIN.
Reauthorize NA benefits, when appropriate.
The Jobs Program staff releases the TPEP benefit when the participant completes all Jobs Program required activities for a full two-week period. Jobs staff then notifies the participant the benefit is available.