TPEP Extension
(06/01/16 - 07/31/16)
Budgetary units may be granted a one-time three month extension for TPEP at the Expiration of the TPEP Six Month Limit. The three-month extension period must be paid in three consecutive payments.
The budgetary unit is eligible for the TPEP three-month extension when all of the following apply:
The Jobs Program notifies FAA that the household meets the conditions for the extension.
The budgetary unit meets all other TPEP eligibility requirements.
The three-month period immediately follows the end of the 6-month TPEP period.
The Jobs Program sends an email to [email protected] when the conditions are met for the TPEP extension.
When the extension approval is received, upload the information to the case and create an ACTS Alert.
The email from the Jobs Program will include one of the following extension reasons:
Voc Ed
A parent is enrolled in a vocational educational training program which can be completed within the three-month extension period.
Job Ofr
A parent has a bona fide offer of employment that will begin within the three-month extension period.
Wk Exp
A parent is in a work experience activity and the Jobs Program expects the parent to be hired within the three-month extension period.
Wk Rq Nm
The two-parent work requirement was not met during the six-month period, and good cause was established, as determined by the Jobs Program, for one or more months.