TPEP Eligibility Requirements
(06/01/16 - 07/31/16)
Use the following guidelines to determine TPEP eligibility:
Both parents must be in the home, neither parent has a disability, and the parents have a child in common.
Both parents must meet the United States Citizen or Qualified Noncitizen requirements.
Establish relationship of the children in common to both parents. (See Establishing Relationship)
The PWE must be unemployed or underemployed. (See PWE Unemployment Criteria)
The PWE must not have refused an actual offer of employment, or training for employment, in the 30 days before the date of application. The only EXCEPTION is when good cause has been established. (See Good Cause for Job Refusal)
For CA, refer anyone who may be eligible for other potential benefits. (See Apply for Other Benefits)
Determine whether the potential TPEP eligible participants have received six months of TPEP benefits within the previous 12-month period in the state of Arizona. The 12-month period ends in and includes the first benefit month. (See Six Month TPEP Limit)
When they have not received six months of TPEP benefits during the defined period, the participants may be eligible. (Review AFIH to determine how many months of TPEP have been received during the defined period.)
NOTE When six months of TPEP has been received the participants may be eligible for a TPEP extension. (See TPEP Extension)
Both parents must participate in work program activities before receiving benefits. All participants are TPEP ineligible when failure to participate occurs, unless the parents are exempt or have good cause. (See TPEP Work Program)
A parent must comply with DCSS requirements before TPEP approval when there is a child in the budgetary unit from a previous relationship. (See New CA Participants - DCSS)