Reapplication After Closure for Noncompliance
When a case is closed either because of noncompliance or for any other reason, the budgetary unit must reapply to receive benefits.
When the budgetary unit reapplies for TPEP or CA, apply the following:
When a budgetary unit includes a noncompliant participant, do not approve the case until one of the following occurs:
The noncompliant participant leaves the budgetary unit.
The noncompliant participant complies with the program requirements.
Tell the PI at the interview that the noncompliant participant must comply with the program requirements. Tell the PI that compliance must occur before the case can be approved.
NOTE When a participant is noncompliant with Immunization or School Attendance requirements, see TPEP PRA Recompliance.
When the noncompliant participant leaves the budgetary unit before case approval, continue to process the application as a new application.
When the noncompliant participant complies, prorate the benefits.
Key the later of the following dates on APMA:
The application date
The first day of the month after the required withholding period ends
Process the application in the normal manner to determine eligibility and benefit level.