NA Striker Participants
A participant is a striker when they meet any of the following:
Is involved in a strike or other planned stoppage of work by employees, including stoppage because of expiration of a collective bargaining agreement
Is involved in a planned slowdown or planned interruption of operations by employees
Is suspended from employment, but who would be allowed to work when not striking
Is on strike, and was exempt from work registration on the day before the strike, only because the participant was currently employed
Is participating in a strike or is a member of the striking union, even when they did not vote to strike
More than one employed participant may have been exempt from work registration due to employment. When one participant could have been exempt due to the care of a child or disabled participant the day before the strike, the following apply:
Do not consider the participant who works for the company involved in the strike as a striker when the participant claims to have been responsible for the dependent's care.
When another participant in the budgetary unit was responsible for the dependent's care, consider the participant not involved in the care as a striker.
Receipt of Unemployment Insurance (UI) does not necessarily affect a participant's striker status.