NA Pre-strike Eligibility
To determine pre-strike eligibility, consider all eligibility factors on the day before the strike. Complete the following to determine the amount of income to budget:
Compare the striking participant's income before the strike to their current income.
Compare the temporary strike-related union payments to the pre-strike average monthly earnings. Add the higher amount to the budgetary unit's combined income for the current benefit month.
Key the deductions on EXNS based on the current budget month or the month of a new application.
Allow the earned income deduction for the striker's earnings, whether the striker's pre-strike or temporary strike related income is used.
Strikers who are eligible to participate are subject to work registration requirements, unless exempt the day of the application.
Budgetary units with a striking participant that do not meet pre- strike eligibility are not eligible for NA benefits. Key the PS Denial Closure Reason Code on FSED.