NA Participants Not Considered Strikers
The following employees are not considered strikers:
Employees whose work place is closed by an employer to resist demands of employees, unless the participant was striking prior to the lockout or shutdown.
Employees unable to work because of striking employees.
Employees who are not part of the bargaining unit on strike, and who do not want to cross a picket line due to fear of personal injury or death.
The claim must be verified by evidence that there have been threats of violence. Verification sources include, but are not limited to, the following:
Police reports
Company officials
Union officials
Newspaper accounts
Employees fired or resigned from the striking company.
A government employee who participates in a strike against their federal, state, or local government employer and is dismissed from the job is considered to have voluntarily quit the job without good cause. (See Voluntary Quit and VQ/RWE Good Cause)