Initial Medical Verification
(01/01/14 - 03/31/14)
At the interview, when the participant claims to have a disability and meets any of the local office medical disability determination criteria, request verification to establish the medical disability.
Consider the participant as having a medical disability when verification is received to establish disability.
Verification of medical disabilities includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Award letters from SSA
NOTE Receipt of Social Security benefits verifies deprivation only when it is received for disability. It does not verify deprivation due to disability when received for retirement or age.
Screen print of ININ with an SSA or SSI disability identifier displayed
Completed Verification of Disability (FAA‑1249A) form
Disability Verification from VA
Doctor's release from a hospital prohibiting a return to work for a specific period of time
Doctor, clinic, or hospital's signed statement
Employer, when terminated due to disability
Sheltered Workshop
Vocational Rehabilitation
For CA, determine whether the participant is receiving, or is potentially eligible to receive, other assistance. (See Apply for Other Benefits)