Failure to Comply with TPEP PRA Requirements
All TPEP participants who are or would be required to be in the budgetary unit, must comply with the TPEP PRA requirements. This includes participants who are disqualified for the following:
Withhold the benefit when any participant in the TPEP budgetary unit does not comply with one or more of the following requirements:
For Jobs Noncompliance, see TPEP Jobs Noncompliance.
Continue to withhold subsequent benefits until the participant recompiles.
TPEP budgetary units are not subject to progressive sanction policy. When a participant fails to comply with PRA program requirements, the following apply:
The noncompliant participant in a TPEP budgetary unit may later join a CA budgetary unit.
The participant's noncompliance while receiving TPEP is not counted when applying progressive sanction policy to the CA budgetary unit.
The noncompliance follows a noncompliant CA participant when they apply for TPEP.
The participant must comply prior to approving the TPEP benefits.
Policy and procedures regarding TPEP noncompliance are outlined as follows: