Expiration of TPEP Six Month Limit
(06/01/16 - 07/31/16)
Monitor the Active Case Listing (CR300) report.
After TPEP benefits have been issued for five months, review the case to determine if an extension request has been received by the Jobs Program. (See TPEP Extension)
When a TPEP extension request has been received, complete the following:
Document the case file with the specific condition indicated by the Jobs Program. The condition of eligibility should be documented using one of the following:
Voc Ed
JB Ofr
Wk Exp
Wk Rq NM
Document the three-month extension period.
Update the case with any known changes.
Determine TPEP eligibility through the current system month.
Send the TPEP Extension Approval (A144) notice indicating the extension reason.
Determine eligibility for CA when the household meets either of the following:
An extension request has not been received from the Jobs Program by the sixth month of TPEP.
Six months of TPEP and the three-month TPEP extension period have been authorized.
TPEP eligible participants may be ineligible for CA. When this occurs, complete the following to close the TPEP case:
Key UE in the DENIAL CLOSURE REASON field on AFED. Key this code on or after the first day of the sixth month when an email was not received from the Jobs Program. Key the first day of the month following the last month of eligibility in the INELIG DATE field.
Send the TPEP - 6 Months Expiration Of Benefits (A206) notice.
When an extension was received, key the UE code on or after the first day of the ninth month and send the TPEP Extension Ending (A219) notice.
Some participants may be CA eligible, while others are not. In this situation, complete the following procedures:
Change the Participation Code of the CA ineligible participants to OU, and the Participation Code of the stepparent to ST in the PT field on SEPA.
Key UE in the INELIG RSN field on SEPA for each CA ineligible participant. Key the first day of the month following the expiration of the time limit in the INELIG DATE field.
Remove the U and P TPEP indicators on SSDO.
Reauthorize the CA benefit as a regular CA payment on AFPD. The remaining participants receive CA benefits.
Send the TPEP 6 Mo.Limit/Conversion/Some To Ca (A747) notice. The A747 informs the PI of the following changes:
Change in benefits
Participant status
Continued CA benefits for some participants
NOTE A new application is required when the stepparent who is not the PI wants to apply for their own children.