Ending the VQ/RWE/Refused a Job Offer Disqualification
The following apply to ending the VQ/RWE/Refused a Job Offer disqualification:
When the disqualification period ends, the following apply:
When the budgetary unit was disqualified, they may reapply for benefits.
When the participant is disqualified, add the participant back in the budgetary unit. Send the appropriate notice (A703 notice or F703 notice) informing the PI of increased benefits.
Update WORW with the proper Work Registration Code.
When eligibility is reestablished, stop the balance of the disqualification period when both of the following apply:
The budgetary unit is otherwise eligible.
One of the following occurs:
The participant who voluntarily quit, reduced work efforts or refused a job offer meets NA work requirement exemptions or is exempt from Jobs or Tribal NEW requirements.
The participant who caused benefits to be denied or stopped leaves the budgetary unit, and the budgetary unit reapplies. When this occurs, the following apply:
The disqualification follows the participant who voluntarily quit or reduced work efforts. When the participant joins another budgetary unit as their CA PI, NA Lead Participant, or TPEP Primary Wage Earner, that budgetary unit becomes ineligible for the balance of the participant's disqualification period.
When a participant joins another budgetary unit, and is not their CA PI, NA Lead Participant, or TPEP PWE, the participant continues to be disqualified as an individual for the remainder of the disqualification period.
A new participant who is not currently disqualified for VQ/RWE may join the budgetary unit as the NA Lead Participant by turning in a new application for the budgetary unit.