Determining the TPEP Six Month Limit
(06/01/16 - 07/31/16)
The TPEP budgetary unit may receive up to six months of TPEP payments in a 12-month period.
The 12-month period always ends in and includes the month that eligibility is determined. Determine the 12 month period each and every month. (See Example TPEP Six Month Limit)
The Active Cases Listing (CR300) report displays a # PD TPEP field. AZTECS calculates the number of months the TPEP budgetary unit received TPEP in the 12-month period; that number is displayed in this field.
Any months in which the household is determined eligible for TPEP in Arizona are countable towards the TPEP six-month limit. This includes all of the following:
All months TPEP was issued, whether received for all or a portion of the month.
NOTE This does not include months TPEP Extension payments were issued.
Months TPEP was issued as a supplemental payment. This would be due to a regular CA benefit changing to TPEP.
An Eligible No Pay TPEP month when payment would have been issued. The payment would have been for all or part of the month, but the benefit was less than ten dollars.