Determining VQ/RWE/Refusal of Job Offer Good Cause
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
The participant's work requirements status on WORW indicates whether NA E&T, Jobs, Tribal NEW or FAA is responsible for determining VQ/RWE/Refusal of Job Offer good cause. Complete the following:
When the CA or TPEP participant is a Jobs Basic participant, an alert displays in ACTS. FAA is advised to impose the required penalty when the Jobs administration staff determine the participant does not have good cause for VQ/RWE/Refusal of Job Offer.
NOTE Status changes are interfaced from the Jobs system (JAS) into ACTS.
When the TPEP Primary Wage Earner participant is a Jobs BASIC or Tribal NEW participant, FAA is advised by ACTS to start withholding TPEP benefits. FAA makes the changes on AFPD that are required to withhold benefits.
When the CA participant is not a Jobs or Tribal NEW participant, or when the NA participant is not exempt from the NA work requirements, complete the following:
When the participant meets the good cause requirements, document the case file(g).
Key Y in the GD CAUSE CODE Y/N field on VOQS.
Key the participant's Work Registration Code for the applicable programs on WORW.
When the participant did not have good cause and the VQ/RWE/Refusal of Job Offer took place during the appropriate VQ/RWE/Refusal of Job Offer Time frames, impose the disqualification. (See VQ/RWE/Refusal of Job Offer Disqualification)