FAA3.E CA Personal Responsibility Agreement (PRA) : 06 CA Drug Test – Overview : H Central Office Drug Test Scheduling Procedures
Central Office Drug Test Scheduling Procedures
(07/01/10 –09/30/10)
When a referral is received Central Office Staff completes all of the following actions:
Review the electronic case records.
Complete an automated referral with the appropriate drug testing vendor.
Send the Drug Test Referral (A003) notice to the PI. The notice informs the PI of the following:
The person(s) who must take a drug test.
The deadline date for completion of the required drug test.
The reasonable cause for requiring a drug test.
The location of the lab.
The lab requires the person(s) to bring identification and the notice to the lab.
Children are not allowed in the testing area.
NOTE The participant is allowed four workdays(g) to complete the test. The first day is the day after the A003 notice is mailed. When the deadline occurs on a weekday holiday, the due date is extended to the following workday.
Document the case file(g) that a referral is received and the A003 notice is sent to the PI.
Central Office Staff reviews the results of the drug test referral. Based on the results Central Office staff notifies FAA office staff of the correct action to complete.