CA Participants Not Considered Strikers
The following CA participants are not considered strikers, and are potentially eligible for CA, when any of the following occur:
An employer closes or shuts down the work place to resist employee demands, unless they were striking prior to the lockout or shutdown. Obtain verification.
The striker's employment is terminated by the employer, even when strike pay is being received. The employee's termination notice serves as verification.
An employee is not a participant in the bargaining unit on strike and does not want to cross a picket line due to fear of personal injury. Verify the threats of violence through union personnel, company officials, newspaper reports, etc.
A local, state, or federal government employee participates in a strike against the government. The employee is considered to have voluntarily quit their job. (See Voluntary Quit)
An employee is unemployed or unable to work solely as a result of others who are on strike. Obtain verification.