.03 VQ/RWE Denials or Closures
(10/01/10 –12/31/10)
Deny the application or stop benefits when the participant who voluntarily quits or reduces work effort without good cause is one of the following:
Voluntary quit does not apply to MA
Complete the following when this occurs:
Key VQ on PRAP next to the participant's name.
Key Y in the FS or AF column, whichever is appropriate, to access DISA.
Key the following in the DOC field on DISA:
The start date of the disqualification.
The length of the disqualification.
The reason for the disqualification.
Deny or stop benefits by keying QJ on AFED or FSED.
When the participant is eligible for CA in the month after disqualification see CA Initial Month Special Rules - Not Eligible Determination Month/Eligible Following Month.
When an application for NA is turned in during the final month of the disqualification period complete the following:
Use the application for denial of benefits in the remaining month of disqualification.
Use the same application for approval of any subsequent months when all other eligibility factors are met.
Send the F200 for the denial month and the F100 for the approval month.
NOTE The application must be within the 60 calendar day time frame that a NA application can be used.
The NOAA period must expire before the first calendar day of the month in which benefits are stopped.
Send the appropriate VQ/RWE Disqualification Notice to inform the PI of the following:
Case denial or closure.
Reason for the denial or closure.
The minimum length of the disqualification period.
Their right to request an Appeal.
They may reapply when the disqualification period ends.
(See Examples VQ/RWE Denial and VQ/RWE Closure)