F VQ/RWE or Refusal of Job Offer Disqualification
When it is reported that a participant refused a job offer, voluntarily quit a job or reduced work hours, determine the following:
Whether the participant was the CA PI, NA Lead Participant, or the TPEP Primary Wage Earner. (See VQ/RWE)
When the VQ/RWE occurred. (See Date of VQ/RWE)
The number of hours worked. (See VQ/RWE Requirements)
The amount of the weekly salary prior to the job quit.
Whether there was good cause. (See VQ/RWE Good Cause)
The actions to disqualify the participant, deny the application, or to close the case depend on the following factors:
Whether the participant is an applicant or currently receiving benefits.
Whether or not the participant is or was the NA E&T LP, the CA PI, or the TPEP PWE.
Policy and procedures regarding VQ/RWE Disqualification are outlined as follows: