B VQ/RWE - Exemptions
Effective for benefit month 04/2020 until further notice, see Urgent Bulletin emailed 03/27/2020 regarding work requirements.
Participants are exempt from VQ/RWE requirements when the following applies:
The participant currently is, or was exempt from one of the following at the time of the voluntary quit or reduction in work effort, for the appropriate program:
Participants who are employed are exempt from NA E&T or CA Jobs participation requirements. These participants are not exempt from VQ/RWE requirements. (See WORW for work registration status)
The voluntary quit or reduction in work effort results from one of the following:
Reduction of work hours by the employer, while working for that same employer
Terminating a self-employment enterprise
Resigning from a job or reducing work hours at the demand of the employer
The participant who voluntarily quits or reduces work effort accepts other employment of comparable hours or salary.
Do not consider a job incomparable simply because the number of hours or the salary of the new job is lower than the job that is quit. A participant can quit a job for one that might offer more opportunity.