A Interview Requirements for DCSS Cooperation
(01/01/20 - 12/31/20)
Effective 07/01/2020, DCSS Cooperation restarts using the Virtual Pre-Approval Cooperation instructions below.
For benefit months 04/2020 through 06/2020 see the Urgent Bulletin emailed 03/31/2020 regarding Temporary Suspension of DCSS Cooperation.
All new CA applications, not claiming a good cause and required to cooperate with DCSS, must complete the DCSS pre-cooperation before CA is approved. Pre-cooperation with DCSS is not required for CA renewal applications.
At the interview, complete the following when the participant is not exempt from DCSS cooperation:
Explain the participant is required to turn in support money when they receive child support, alimony, or spousal maintenance payments while receiving CA benefits.
Inform the CA parent or caretaker relative that before the CA benefits can be approved, they must complete the virtual DCSS pre-cooperation process.
Indicate on the Information Needed - CA/TPEP (A011) notice that the participant is required to complete a DCSS pre-cooperation interview.
Send the DCSS Requirement (A000) notice at the CA initial interview. Key on the A000 notice the phone number associated with the participant’s residential ZIP Code from the DCSS Pre-Cooperation Contact List by ZIP Code found in SharePoint (for internal use only).
NOTE The A000 notice lists information and documents that may be needed to complete the DCSS pre-cooperation requirement.
Encourage the participant to call DCSS to comply as soon as possible.
Inform the participant that when they comply, DCSS updates the Arizona Tracking Location Automated System (ATLAS), which informs FAA of the participant's compliance.
Thoroughly document the case file of the actions taken.