.02 Determining Prospective Eligibility
Complete income and resource tests in the CURRENT system month as follows:
Include the new participants and key all of their information. Determine when the TPEP budgetary unit is prospectively eligible in the current system month. Determine eligibility based on the gross income of all participants including the new one. Eligibility is based on the CA Income Maximum Limit. PASS or FAIL is indicated on AFIM.
When the budgetary unit is determined eligible based on the CA Income Maximum Limit, determine the second step of eligibility based on the CA Need Standard. PASS or FAIL is indicated on AFNN.
Eligibility for benefits must include all mandatory participants, even when adding the participant may cause ineligibility or reduce the benefit amount.
The TPEP budgetary unit may choose to include or not include participants who are not mandatory. Document their decision in the case file(g).
Determine eligibility, when adding the new participant, and determine benefits for all applicable months up to the current system month(g). Determine the date of ineligibility when the case fails prospectively. (See CA Ineligible Date)