I TPEP Interview Process
(01/01/18 – 12/31/18)
Effective with all new CA applications registered on or after 07/01/2020, the requirements to complete and sign the PRA and FAA-0155A forms are reinstated. See Urgent Bulletin emailed 06/29/2020.
Explain the following information about the Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) at the interview:
When the parents are not married, paternity must be established (See Establishing Paternity)
Mandatory Work Requirements (See TPEP Work Program)
Consequences of noncompliance with work program requirements (See Fail To Comply Work, TPEP)
Good cause for failure to comply (See TPEP, Jobs Good Cause)
The reconciliation process when disagreements occur regarding work program activities (See TPEP noncompliance)
During the interview, complete the following:
Explain the TPEP Personal Responsibility Agreement (FAA‑1523A) form to the participant
Have both parents sign the FAA‑1523A
Have both parents sign the Recent Employment/Training Background (FAA-0155A) form. This form is used to establish the Primary Wage Earner (g)
Place the original FAA‑1523A and FAA-0155A in the case file(g)
Provide copies of the forms to the participants for their records
Complete the AP screens for any child who is in the home, is a half sibling to the child in common, and has deprivation due to the absence or death of a parent. Have the PI sign the Assignment of Rights on the back of the application
To be eligible, the TPEP budgetary unit must sign the FAA‑1523A. When either parent of the TPEP budgetary unit refuses to sign the FAA‑1523A, or fails to comply with TPEP attendance or other TPEP participation requirements complete the following:
Deny any CA application when a participant applies for a child from a previous relationship
Deny the TPEP application
The PI has the primary responsibility for providing verification of eligibility factors. Assist the participant in obtaining verification.
When verification is not obtained at the time of interview or through collateral contacts, request the PI provide the needed verification within ten calendar days. (See Requesting Verification)
When the PI has not requested assistance in getting the verification, and the ten calendar day request deadline has passed, deny the application or stop the benefits. Do not approve benefits with verification postponed.
Once all verification is received, determine whether the TPEP eligible participants meet all requirements except the work program requirement. The TPEP participants must have enough time to participate in employment activities. Send the TPEP Pre-Approval (A140) notice when one or both parents must comply with the TPEP Work Program Requirements.
When all requirements are met except the work program requirement, authorize the TPEP payments.
When ineligible for TPEP, determine potential eligibility for CA.