B Primary Wage Earner (PWE)
Effective with all new CA applications registered on or after 07/01/2020, the requirement to complete and sign the FAA-0155A and FAA-0155B forms is reinstated. See Urgent Bulletin emailed 06/29/2020.
The following apply when determining which parent will be the TPEP Primary Wage Earner(g) (PWE):
The date the parental relationship began has no bearing on this decision.
Base the determination on statements from the Recent Employment/Training Background (FAA-0155A) form, or the best evidence that is available. An FAA-0155A is required for each parent even when no recent employment is reported.
Designate the PWE when the parents earned the same amount of money in the 24-month period. Record which parent is designated the PWE on the Recent Employment/Training Background (FAA‑0155B) form.
The parent designated to be the PWE remains the PWE for each consecutive month the TPEP budgetary unit remains eligible.
When CA is stopped due solely to the six month TPEP limit, the PWE remains the PWE as long as the family remains otherwise TPEP eligible.
When CA is stopped for any other reason, and the TPEP eligible participants reapply, determine the PWE.
NOTE The 24-month period before the application month might change.