FAA3.A Specified Relative and Deprivation (SPRD) : 06 Married Minor Parent (MMP) - Overview
06 Married Minor Parent (MMP) - Overview
(10/01/13 – 12/31/13)
A Married Minor Parent (MMP) is anyone under the age of 18 who has a dependent child and meets any of the following marital status requirements:
Separated (a legal separation is not required)
When the marriage ends in a legal annulment, the MMP may be considered emancipated(g). Elevate the facts of the case to the Policy Support Team (PST) via e-mail.
For eligibility purposes, the MMP is treated as an adult and the MMP's parents are not financially responsible for them.
Policy and procedures regarding MMP is outlined as follows:
Married Minor Parent policy does not apply.