D Maintaining the Tribal CA-PG Case
(12/01/13 – 01/31/14)
When Tribal CA-PG is approved, set an ACTS alert for ten days before the end of the Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) month. Send a NOAA informing the PI that Tribal TANF benefits will stop the following month. Complete the following:
Do not stop the benefits when the participant reports she is still pregnant. Set an ACTS alert to send another NOAA and stop benefits the second month following the EDD month.
Convert the Tribal CA-PG to regular Tribal TANF when the participant reports her baby has been born. (See Converting from Tribal CA-PG to Tribal TANF)
Stop Tribal CA-PG when the participant fails to respond to the NOAA.
When the baby is born in a month before the month of EDD, the participant must report the end of pregnancy within ten days. When reported timely, an overpayment does not exist.