.01 LPG Applying for the Child Only
(10/01/10 – 12/31/10)
When the PI is identified as a Legal Permanent Guardian(g) (LPG) and is applying for CA for a child only, apply the following:
The PI must be an LPG.
The LPG PI and the child may or may not be related. When this occurs, court order verification indicating permanent guardianship meets the specified relative requirements.
The LPG child only case eligibility determination is based on the A1 Need Standard. Verification is not required.
Complete the eligibility determination as soon as possible, but no later than 20 calendar days from the date the application is received in the local office.
When the child is receiving guardian subsidy payments from the Department of Child Safety (DCS), the child is not eligible for CA.
Register the LPG as the PI and the child for whom CA is being requested (when not related) as OR (other related). (See Other Related(g))
Register the caretaker relative(g) of the child for whom benefits are being requested, and the caretaker relative's family(g) of the child for whom Child Only CA is being requested. Key OU in the CA participation field for all participants who are not requesting CA. This is so AZTECS is able to conduct the CA Needy Family Test.
NOTE All income and expenses for the caretaker relative's family must be verified and keyed in the appropriate screens.
The LPG may apply for the child for whom they have been granted Legal Permanent Guardianship and the child's parent is in the home. When this occurs, the parent cannot be part of the CA budgetary unit or apply for the child.