.01 Kinship Child Only - Screening
(10/01/10 – 12/31/10)
An application for CA must be screened for potential Kinship Child Only special considerations. The following criteria qualify the application for these special considerations:
The application is for CA, or CA and other programs
The PI is the nonparent specified relative (NPSR)
The PI is not applying for the PI's own children
The PI is not applying for themselves
When the special Kinship Child Only considerations are met, stamp the first page of the official FAA application with the KF/KS/LP stamp. Circle the following as appropriate:
KS for Kinship Care
Register all people in the caretaker relative(g)'s family(g) of the child for whom benefits are being requested. This is so AZTECS is able to conduct the CA Needy Family Test.
When the child is receiving guardian subsidy payments from the Department of Child Safety (DCS) or is placed in licensed foster care or a group home by DCS, the child is not eligible for CA.