FAA3.A Specified Relative and Deprivation (SPRD) : 03 Specified Relative : A Two Nonparent Specified Relative Cases
A Two Nonparent Specified Relative Cases
Two nonparent specified relatives(g) (NPSR) may be living in the same home and each apply for dependent children who are not siblings. When this occurs, complete the following:
Create and maintain two case files(g).
Complete the original application for the PI.
Copy the original application.
Register the copied application using the name of the NPSR of the non-related dependent child as the PI. (See Example Optional CA Participants 2)
Set an appointment for a CA interview for the NPSR of the non-sibling child.
When the NPSR appears for the CA interview, obtain the appropriate signatures on the copied application. (See Signing the Application)
When the two NPSRs are married, count the income of each spouse(g) to the spouse in the other case.
Divide resources equally between the spouses only for the CA eligibility determination.
In both cases, list the PI, their spouse, and all children. Key the appropriate Participation Code for each participant on SEPA.