03 Specified Relative
(01/01/20 – 12/31/20)
A specified relative is one of the following:
Nonparents must be related to the dependent child as defined in Nonparent Caretaker Relatives(g) (NPCR).
When more than one NPCR lives in the home, only one NPCR can be included in the CA budgetary unit (BU). The PI must decide which relative is to receive CA benefits.
The SPRD screen is used to identify the specified relative and an NPCR included in a CA BU. On the SPRD screen complete the following:
Key Y in the SPECIFY REL field next to the participant who is the specified relative. Key the verification code in the VR field to indicate how relationship is established. (See Establishing Relationship)
When the specified relative is an NPCR:
Key the POS field, the position number of the NPCR next to each dependent child.
Key the REL field, the relationship code of the NPCR to each dependent child. (See Relationship Code Function)
When the child is in the custody of DCS, a Tribal Court or a Tribal Child Welfare Agency in Arizona and placed in the home of an unrelated foster care provider by DCS, a Tribal Court or a Tribal Child Welfare Agency in Arizona the specified relative requirement is met.
NOTE Complete the SPECIFY REL field on SPRD for the unrelated foster care provider. An unrelated foster care provider is not considered an NPCR.
A specified relative must be living with and caring for a dependent child to be eligible for CA. (See Case Participation)
When either the specified relative or the dependent child is temporarily out of the home, see TEOA.
Policy and procedures regarding specified relatives are outlined as follows:
Specified relative policy does not apply.