FAA3.A Specified Relative and Deprivation (SPRD) : 02 Deprivation for CA- Overview
02 Deprivation for CA- Overview
The following apply to deprivation of the dependent child:
A dependent child must be deprived of parental care or support to be potentially eligible for CA
A dependent child must be living in the home of an adult specified relative for the specified relative to be potentially eligible
Any male who is not, and has never been, married to the mother is not considered the father of the child for deprivation purposes. This is true unless one of the following apply:
Paternity has been established in court
He has signed an Acknowledgment of Paternity (CS‑127) form, even though he may not be married to the mother of the child
His name is indicated on the birth certificate, and the mother was not married to someone else at the time of the child's birth or conception
Genetic tests were completed and he was not excluded
Deprivation is established for eligibility purposes when lack of parental care and support is a result of one of the following:
Deprivation must be verified. (See the specific deprivation cause for verification requirements)
Deprivation policy does not apply.