Verifying Relationship
(01/01/20 – 12/31/20)
For CA, the relationship of a caretaker relative(s) to each child in the budgetary unit must be verified. Verify relationship using documented verification only.
For NA, verify relationship only when questionable(g).
NOTE More than one document may be required to verify relationship between a child and a specified relative. (See Relationship Verification Sources)
When verification of relationship is received, via mail, fax or in an FAA office, upload the information to OnBase(g).
When relationship to the child cannot be established, consider the child a CA nonparticipant.
When there is no eligible dependent child in the budgetary unit, deny or close CA. Key DC in the DENIAL/CLOSURE REASON field on AFED in AZTECS. When closing an open CA case, an ineligible date must be keyed in the INELIG DATE field.