FAA2.K Identity and Citizenship (IDCI/NOCS) : 10 Verification Information System (VIS)
Verification Information System (VIS)
The Verification Information System (VIS) documentation procedures are used to verify noncitizen status at the following times:
Prior to initial approval.
NOTE VIS procedures are not required at renewal except when documents are expired or are no longer valid.
When adding a qualified noncitizen to the budgetary unit.
Any time noncitizen status becomes questionable. Document the case file(g) as to why the status of the noncitizen is questionable.
The month in which USCIS documents expire. A budgetary unit may include a qualified noncitizen whose USCIS document expires after approval. Do not set an approval period beyond the end of the calendar month of the document's expiration date.
A qualified noncitizen whose I-551 has expired remains eligible. Any status change is reflected in VIS.
When the noncitizen is an Indefinite Detainee, see Indefinite Detainees for verification procedures.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Verification Information System (VIS) allows users to electronically obtain DHS status information.
NOTE Information in VIS is confidential and may not be used for any unauthorized purpose. The SAVE/VLP is located in the MA EPMplus.
Staff designated to access VIS are assigned a User ID and password, and are authorized access at one of the following levels:
GENERAL USER 1 - General Users are authorized to perform the following in VIS:
Query transactions
Retrieve responses
SUPERVISOR - Supervisors are authorized to perform the following in VIS:
Query transactions
Retrieve responses
Maintaining User information for employees assigned to their location
Review progress of the workload for their location
Policy and procedures for completing inquiries in VIS are outlined as follows: