UMP - Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP)
A Two Parent Employment Program (TPEP) application may be turned in for a dependent child whose parents are not married, one parent is an UMP, and the other is an adult (18 or over). When this occurs, the following special considerations apply:
The adult parent and any child of that parent, (including the child in common) who meet TPEP CA criteria are eligible to receive CA (cash).
The UMP and any child who does not belong to the adult parent are ineligible for CA (cash).
NOTE The UMP and child may be eligible for CA Supportive Services.
Key the Participation Code on SEPA as follows:
Key the adult parent and each child of the adult parent IN on SEPA.
Key the UMP and each child belonging to the UMP, UM on SEPA.
AZTECS generates an ACTS alert named CA DEAUTH - UM ENDING approximately 45 days prior to the month the UMP will turn 18. The alert notifies the local office that deprivation must be redetermined for the month following the birthday.
When no deprivation exists, close the CA TPEP and send the appropriate closure notices.
When deprivation does exist, complete the following:
Key the UM participants IN on SEPA effective the month after the 18th birthday.
Refer the parent to Jobs on WORW.
Authorize CA and send notice of the change.