Tribal NEW Recompliance
(10/01/08 – 12/31/08)
When an application or a change is received that includes a noncompliant individual the application may not be approved until the following occurs:
The budgetary unit or Tribal NEW verifies that the noncompliant participant is in compliance.
The budgetary unit reports and verifies that the noncompliant participant is no longer in the budgetary unit.
At the interview, key the RT Work Registration Code in the PAR/EXEM field on WORW for the participant.
Process the application to determine whether the budgetary unit will be eligible when the noncompliant participant recomplies with Tribal NEW. When the budgetary unit will not be eligible even with Tribal NEW recompliance, deny the application. Send the appropriate notice.
When the budgetary unit is otherwise eligible, refer the noncompliant participant to Tribal NEW as a walk-in by sending the A742 notice. The A742 notice informs the PI that the noncompliant participant has ten calendar days to go to Tribal NEW and recomply before benefits are released. The A742 also states that failure to do so will result in denial of the application. When the deadline ends on a weekend or holiday, extend the due date to the following workday(g).
When the participant completes three days of Tribal NEW compliance, Tribal NEW informs FAA of recompliance. Place a copy of the verification of recompliance in the case file(g).
When notification of recompliance is not received within ten calendar days of the mail date of the A742, deny the application. Key the TN Denial Closure Reason Code on AFPD. Send the A483 notice to inform the PI of the denial.