Treatment Center Responsibilities
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
On the fifth of each month, an approved treatment center provides a client roster to the Policy Support Team (PST).
When a participant moves into or leaves the center, the center provides a completed Treatment Center Change Report (FAA-0620A) form to the PST.
The NA representative must be familiar with the budgetary unit's circumstances. The center should carefully review those circumstances with the resident before applying on their behalf.
The center is responsible for any overpayments caused by misrepresentation or fraud committed in the eligibility decision of center residents.
The center assumes total liability for NA benefits lost or misused while being held on behalf of a resident budgetary unit. FAA must establish a claim for any overpayments when they occur. The center is responsible for notifying the PST of any changes in the resident budgetary unit's income or circumstances.
When the resident budgetary unit leaves the center, the center can no longer act as the budgetary unit's NA representative. In this situation, the center must complete the following:
Notify FAA of the change and, when possible, provide the participant with a Change Report (FAA-0412A) form. The center must advise the participant to report the change to FAA within 10 days.
Provide the participant with their EBT card when it was in the center’s possession. The center must return all EBT cards that were not taken by exiting residents to FAA by the end of each month.
When the center has not spent any benefits on behalf of the resident’s budgetary unit, the center returns the entire monthly amount of benefits to the participant.
When the benefits have already been used by the center for the resident’s budgetary unit, the center completes one of the following:
When the resident leaves the center prior to the 16th day of the month, the center ensures the household has one-half of its monthly NA benefit allotment remaining on their EBT card.
When the resident leaves the center on or after the 16th day of the month, the participant is not eligible to receive any of the benefits back for the benefit month.
When a participant leaves the center before the 16th of the month without prior notice, the center must attempt to contact the participant and return the NA benefits to them.
When the center is unsuccessful in contacting the participant and has not spent any of the participant’s benefits in the benefit month, the center must return the benefits to FAA. The benefits must be returned by the end of the calendar month in which ineligibility occurred.