Treatment Center – FAA Responsibilities for NA
(01/01/21 – 12/31/21)
Certain FAA responsibilities are completed to ensure each treatment center meets their minimum requirements.
When the minimum requirements are met, treatment centers are added to the institution list that is maintained by the Policy Support Team (PST). (See Maintaining Institutions.)
The PST establishes and monitors the eligibility status of participating treatment centers. To establish a treatment center's eligibility status, PST completes the following:
Obtains proof of and review the treatment center's Title XIX certificate, contract, or FNS(g) certificate.
Completes the Institution Determination Checklist (FAA-1557A) form to determine whether the center is eligible.
When eligibility has been verified, and the treatment center wants to proceed with the process, complete the following:
The center designates an NA representative. Request that the representative provide written proof of the designation.
Meet with the representative at the treatment center, at the time the center is approved to participate, to review the center's rights and responsibilities. Additional meetings are needed when a new NA representative is appointed or at the request of the center.
Complete the Rehabilitation Center Eligibility Review (FAA‑0620B) form following the visit with the representative.
To monitor a treatment center’s eligibility, PST completes the following:
An on-site visit at least once every twelve months.
Uses the visits to verify the accuracy of the monthly reports and to check that the state records are consistent and up to date.
The FAA-0620B following an onsite review and places the completed form in the center’s case record.
Establishes and maintains a case record for each center.
Monitors the timely receipt of the treatment center’s monthly roster. The center must provide the roster to PST by close of business on the fifth of each month.
Monitors the timely receipt of the Treatment Center Change Report (FAA-0620A) form received from each center. Also monitor the accuracy of the center’s FAA-0620A.
At the end of each month, reviews the FAA records for the benefits that are returned to FAA from the center. Ensures that all benefits the center is not eligible to keep are returned.
When the monthly roster is received, PST completes the following:
Compares the list of current residents on the report with the previous report turned in.
Updates AZTECS with any new information found on the report.
Contacts the center to resolve any discrepancies when a change has not been reported to FAA.
When it is determined that irregularities or apparent program violations exist, contacts the appropriate entities, when needed, to obtain further information.
When the FAA-0620A is received, PST completes the following:
Accesses AZTECS when a participant no longer lives at the center. Ensure a change of address was completed.
When a resident’s change of address is reported on the FAA-0620A, PST updates the participant’s address in AZTECS and HEAplus and sends a Change of Address Information (C008) notice to the client’s new address.
Ensures the center correctly returned EBT cards and applicable benefits to the participant. When the center has an Authorized Representative EBT card, ensures it is deactivated.