Tracking Joint Applications
R&A tracks the SSI Pre-release Food Stamp Addendums (SSA-4140) until any of the following occurs:
SSA advises FAA that Arizona State Hospital (ASH) will release the participant.
SSA advises FAA that ASH will not release the participant.
The application has been held for 12 months.
Register applications that have been held for 12 months pending a participant's release. Deny the application using the RI Denial or Closure Reason Code on FSED. (See Resident of an Institution-NA)
SSA sends an advance notice of the participant's release. When this occurs, the following apply:
Do not take action until the participant is actually released. Once released, register the application into AZTECS using the actual release date as the date of application.
The assigned EI must complete the application process in AZTECS. Once completed, send the case file to the correct local office based on the participant's residential ZIP Code.
SSA may send a notice that the participant will not be released from the institution. When this occurs, complete the following:
Register the application.
Deny the application on FSED, using the RI Denial or Closure Reason Code. (See Resident of an Institution-NA)
Keep the application documents in the Pre-release Application folder for 12 months from the date SSA first completed them. This is equal to the amount of time SSA holds an SSI application.
Contact the SSA representative at ASH when the application has been unregistered for more than 12 months. Verify that the participant has not been released.